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The Trail Taught Me to "Lean In"

By Jennifer

I just finished reading the current female business manifesto Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. And for the record, two thumbs up. I applaud the way that Sandberg urges us to reexamine gender roles in the workplace. But like most business books – and most books in general – …

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Wild - Odyssa - Strayed - Pharr

By Brew Davis

Several months ago, on a late September afternoon, Jen and I were having lunch in this gorgeous Central Asian tea room in Boulder, CO with legendary hiker Andrew Skurka and his wife Amanda. An hour into our conversation, Skurka asked, “Who are the two most famous thru-hikers in …

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By Jennifer

Socks are the most underestimated piece of hiking gear. On my first thru hike on the Appalachian Trail, I had blistered, bleeding feet that had all the signs and stench of trench foot. Finally when I arrived at the rocks of Pennsylvania, otherwise known as …

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Reflections of a Thru Hiker by Luke "Gribley" Costlow

By Jennifer

I had the pleasure of meeting Luke “Gribley” Costlow after his 2012 thru-hike. He is an excellent hiker, writer and the significant other of BRHC’s wonderful guide Macon York. Here is a beautifully written reflection of his experience on the trail. Enjoy!

Sometimes I forget that the Appalachian Trail …


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