It is always nice - and really interesting - to ask other hikers some of the questions that the audience likes to raise after my presentations. This week I asked my friend, and the A.T. Unsupported Record Holder, Matt Kirk a few thought provoking questions to see what he had to say.

Do you think that records should be regulated by an official set of rules - or perhaps a governing body? Or do you think that would affect the amatuer and underground allure of trail records?

No, I don't think there should be such rules and regulations for the very reasons you mention. However, I feel strongly that there should be rules and regulations for sustainable (LNT) trail use. As you are aware, many people don't know how to, or care to walk softly and leave no trace on the land (particularly the AT). This has nothing to do with how far, short, fast or slow someone is hiking. I would like to get further trained on how to address this issue. Any ideas/suggestions are welcome!

What is your hope for the AT record in the future?

Of course I would like to see it lowered, because records are meant to be broken. But most importantly, I would love to see it lowered by people who genuinely know how to walk softly on the land and with respect for those who came before. I hope this makes sense.


And, if you want to check out some things that Matt had to say right after his hike, then watch this youtube clip from Springer Mountain, GA.

Thanks Matt!