Sometimes weather prevents us from getting out to hike in the colder months, but often times it's quite the opposite. Here are 5 reasons why winter hiking the best:

  1. Views: My favorite parts of hiking in the winter are the epic views through the trees. The trees loosing their leaves in the winter means a change from the normal Appalachian green tunnel and a more open feel while exploring.
  2. Temperature: Does this one seem obvious? Less hot and sweaty discomfort! If you're thinking, "Heck no! I'm not going hiking in thirty degree weather," I do empathize. But for most people, it's usually quite comfortable to hike in colder temperatures. And it's a great reason to show off your favorite warm layers made for outdoor adventuring.
  3. No bugs!!: Cold weather means most of the bugs have gone until next season. That's pleasant!
  4. No snakes!!: Same thing. It's nice not to have to worry about watching your feet for snake friends when stepping over a log on the trail.
  5. Serenity: The trails are less popular in the winter. Fewer people can make for a peaceful hiking experience and allow you to immerse deeper in the natural setting. And since many of the critters have gone for the season, the woods are more quiet and still.

There are more reasons, but I'll leave it at 5 for brevity's sake. If you'd like to take us up on a guided hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains this late fall or winter, check out our Trip Calendar or give us a call 828-713-5451.