We often hear Wilderness First Aid (WFA) courses described as being designed for Outdoor Professionals. But personally, I think this course is beneficial for so many other people! Traditional First Aid courses focus on what to do in the short term while you wait for EMS to arrive - usually not much longer than a few minutes. Wilderness here doesn't just mean on a trail, it means any time when you're an hour or more from definitive care. Even in Hot Springs, NC where our bunkhouse is located, there are some injuries that require transport to Asheville for care - a drive that takes an hour without traffic - making it a wilderness setting.

I found the course to be such a major confidence boost the first time I took it. As a person who loves all kinds of adventures, it made me feel like I could handle most injuries or illnesses I may encounter - whether I was hiking, cycling, or paddling! I've had my WFA for over 15 years, and every time I re-certify I learn something new.

On personal trips, my WFA training has allowed me to self-assess injuries on trail, and more confidently determine whether I can keep hiking or if I need to find a way out of the woods. It has allowed me to address illness quickly and prevent it from getting worse. On one big trip a couple years ago, I was able to recognize that my paddling partner had a partially torn muscle and adjust our plans to avoid further injury (and the surgery that would have resulted from a full tear).

So if you live in a remote area, if you like to hike solo, if you're planning a future thru-hike, or if you ever take friends hiking you can benefit from the information in this course!

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