I like to unplug when I go outdoors, but I also like to take notes to remember what happened. I turned my recent Bartram Trail notes into a set of mock tweets to recap the section between the Nantahala River and Wayah Bald. Enjoy!

4:45 AM – Wake Up. After only four hours of sleep I’m totally eager to get up. Must be hiking today. #TrailMotivation

6:40 AM – Arrive at Winding Stairs Trailhead on the Nantahala. One other car. Cold enough for hat and jacket.#HikeTime


7:10 AM – Follow yellow blazes out to Rafting put-in. Construction has destroyed the trail markers. #lost

7:20 AM – Old timer with Cherokee accent point me in the right direction and shows me 6 trout he caught that AM. #Fishing #Nantahala

7:25 AM – Back on the trail pushing through thorns and brush up to my face. #overgown #AlreadyBleeding

7:40 AM – Trail follows a well graded gravel road up a super steep mountain. #JacketComesOff

8:00 AM – Enter forest and bushwhack past poison ivy and dog hobble. #NotManyPeopleHikeHere

8:35 AM – No wonder Nantahala means “land of the noon day sun” the forest is super dark still. #Don’tNeedSunscreen

8:50 AM –A pink Lady-Slipper!! My first one this year and super late in the season, too. #WildflowerFind


9:30 AM – Something just growled at me. Large but not a bear. Backtracked slowly found a big stick. #OhUh

9:44 AM – Standing 30 yards away from large animal off trail, in forest. Can’t make it out. Can’t get around it. #Standoff

9:45 AM – Animal pounces on trail and into the woods, tan with a long tail and BIG. I think I just saw a #MOUNTAINLION

9:50 AM – Keep hiking. Look over my should. Nothing there. Hike faster. Look over shoulder again. #BigCatsStalkPrey

10:00 AM – Finally stop for a break. Feel safe...er. Have already eaten two eggs, two apples and a Kind bar in motion, now corn nuts and coconut flakes. #Hungry

11:15 AM – Lots of water but not much access. This forest is thick!! #greentunnel

12:00 PM – Arrive at beautiful Appletree group campsite. So Nice! #HiddenGem #CampHere #Great4Families #FlushToilets – yes, #Flushtoilets


12:05 PM – Lunch: tuna, crackers, parmesan cheese, chips, dried fruit, gummies. #HikerFood

1 PM – Back on Trail #MilesToGo


1:40 PM – Pass empty hunting camp shack with like 80 dog houses outside. #BuyBlazeOrange

2:30 PM – Feeling tired and out of shape. Time for another snack! #kindbar #almondbutter

3:00 PM – arrive at road and old time Gas Station. Time for a treat. #ColdSoda #TrailMagic

3:05 PM – Cashier gives instructions for lake access nearby. College age guy warns me that trail is tough. #ThanksBuddy #HeardThatBefore

3:15 PM – Lake Access!!! Nantahala Lake is beautiful and COLD and I have it all to myself. #swimming #snacking #sunbathing


5:00 PM – I guess I should keep hiking. Trail goes UP. #BigClimb

6:15 PM – Determined not to let the trail or college kid get the best of me. #StillGoingUp

7:10 PM – Ridge Levels Out. Want to make it to a viewpoint to watch the sunset. #StuckInTheGreenTunnel

8:30 PM – Arrive at Wayah Bald. Watch the sunset with a few tourist in the fire tower. #GORGEOUS #wayahbald #WayahMeansWolf


8:45 PM – Dinner: More tuna, chips, dried fruit, trail mix. How does hiking one day make me sooo hungry? #HowAmIOutofGUMMIESalready??? #ThereIsAMouseWatchingMeEat

9:00 PM – Go to sleep in the fire tower, by myself - with a mouse friend. 25.4 miles. #HikerMidnight #TotallyContent #SoundAsleepSoon