Hiking In All Four Seasons


Blood Root

Hiking in Spring you get to see the beautiful wildflowers first make their appearances. It's exciting to hike once or twice a week during the spring months, because each time you go out, different flowers will have popped up.  In the early spring, the blood root comes out first with its striking white flowers, followed by spring beauty and wild irises.  At different elevations, different flowers will be in bloom with the high peaks awakening from winter the latest.  Some flowers are ephemeral and only bloom for a week or two, so every day is a treasure hunt!


Hiking in Summer you will find the lush forest alive and vibrant.  Some bushes will have lost their flowers and turned to seed.  Blueberries start to appear as well as black berries and raspberries; you and all the other animals will want to have a taste.  Rain will be refreshing on hot days and trees will have full canopies, offering their shade to tired hikers.


Hiking in Fall, you will be impressed by nature's artistic display.  Maples will turn bright shades of orange, red and yellow.  Sourwood will also be responsible for some bright reds in the landscape.  Animals will be scurrying around preparing for winter. The days will get cooler, and the soft crunch of leaves beneath your feet will remind you that winter is approaching



Hiking in Winter, you will marvel at how far you can see through the bare branches of trees and shrubs.  Only evergreens will be able to block your views.  Rhododendrons will curl their leaves and waterfalls could be frozen in a permanent ice sculpture.  You may find yourself alone, and the mountains will feel naked, peaceful and quiet.