Jennifer Pharr Davis's picks for the hikers on your list!  Check back each day as we count down her 12 Days of Hiker Gifts.

All items shown here are available in our shop online or in downtown Asheville.  Questions?  Give us a call at 828-713-5451 and we'll help you out!


Day 1: Astral TR1 Junctions and Farm to Feet Max Socks 
The shoes and socks that helped me through 2020!

My Hiker Gift Guide starts with my fave piece of gear - one of the only things that is still the same as it was in January!  This footwear has been my therapy, from walking the neighborhood with kids, to taking day hikes around Asheville, and a couple backpacking trips in the Smokies.  I didn't count miles, but I'm sure that I'm at 500+ miles with my Astral TR1 Junctions and my Farm to Feet Socks.

We carry Astral TR1 Junction in Men's and Women's styles.
Farm to Feet Socks are available in several styles, including Blue Ridge Hiker, Max Patch, Harper's Ferry in Zinfandel and Total Eclipse colors, T-Rex (kids), and Ice Cream (kids).


Day 2: Smokies Field Guides
These Smokies guidebooks are a great way to learn about local plants and animals

Gus asks us to read out of the "Reptiles and Amphibians" book as his bedtime story.  These books are light enough to carry on the trail, small enough to stick in a Christmas stocking, and the big beautiful pictures and short descriptions make it a great book for all ages.  They are Smokies specific, but work for anywhere in the southern Appalachians.  My favorite is Wildflowers, Charley likes Birds, and Gus prefers the critters.

Smokies Field Guides are available individually or as a bundle (Basic and Deluxe bundles available!).


Day 3: Carson Scout Compact Binoculars 
I never thought I would take binocs backpacking until I found these.

I take them backpacking, I use them on my deck, and I brought them to Charley's soccer games this fall since parents weren't allowed anywhere near the field.  At 5.6 ounces and 8x magnification, they fit in your pocket and get the job done pretty darn well.  Charley also likes to use these - they are a great gift for slightly older kids who are getting into birding.

We carry the Carson Scout Binoculars, as well as a smaller set of Kids Binoculars, perfect for younger kids (age 3+).


Day 4: Tarptent Rainbow Tent
Because every mom needs a one person shelter every now and then!

We are the only retail shop in America to sell the Tarptent Rainbow.  I love this easy to set-up, roomy, ~2lb shelter.  I've been using it since 2006 and still haven't found anything better!

We carry the Tarptent Rainbow seam sealed and with the condensation liner!



Day 5: Puffin Koozies
No real reason... exceot they're super cute.

No I don't take these with me on the trail.  But they do help keep your hands warm and your drink cold after the hike.  And they're cute :)

Puffin Koozies are available in jacket, vest, and sweater styles.



Day 6: FunLuvin Fleece Skirts
Fleece skirts!  Because no one likes chilly cheeks.

Turns our warm buns are pretty great, and this skirt is versatile enough to wear on trail or around town - or both for six weeks straight!

FunLuvin Fleece skirts are available in a variety of different styles and colors.

If you prefer all black, check out our Lightheart Gear fleece skirt.


Day 7: Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bag
When all that is between you and freezine temps is a sleeping bag... Western Mountaineering.

Here is one of my bestest friends not freezing to death because of her Western Mountaineering down sleeping bag!  These bags are nice, like really nice $$$, so they're not an everyday purchase, but if you buy one it will probably last a lifetime - or 5000 miles - whichever comes first.   One more anecdote.  When Brew proposed to me he gave me a beautiful diamond ring, I said "yes" and then gave him a Western Mountaineering bag.  Becaue what could say "I love you" more than that?!?

We carry the Alpinlite Bag, Astralite Quilt, and Flash Down Booties.  We can also order sleeping bags and apparel from Western Mountaineering!


Day 8: Armchair Adventure Book Club
Because it's cold and dark and we still can't hang out!

Meet my 2020 friends: Grandma Gatewood, Kara Richardson Whitley, Derick Lugo, Carol Ruckdeschel, and Jay Leutze.  These are the authors/subjects of our 2020 Armchair Adventure Book Club and man... did they provide some inspiration when I needed it most!  So grateful for these people and the stories that they have shared.  All books are in stock and author signed - plus we have recorded author talks available on the blog.

Armchair Adventure Book Club Bundle, and all individual books, are available in our shop.


Day 9: Sawyer Squeeze Micro Water Filter
The best water filter out there... 2.5oz, 100,000 gallons, <$30

This is my favorite piece of gear/stocking stuffer/practical gift for anyone who might need to filter water.  The Sawyer MICRO is super light, easy to use, and it keeps you from getting giardia!  Not bad for $28!  Just don't let it freeze after the first use.

Our favorite water filter - the Sawyer Micro!  We also love the CNOC Vecto as an accessory; the super tough water bag screws right onto the Sawyer Micro.